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Bicycle Recycling and Removal in Port St Lucie, FL

Do you have old bicycles gathering dust in your garage or cluttering your backyard in Port St Lucie, FL? It's time to give them a new lease on life through bicycle recycling with St Lucie Junk Removal. We specialize in eco-friendly bicycle removal and recycling services that not only free up valuable space but also contribute to a greener environment.

Why Choose Bicycle Recycling?

Bicycles are made of materials like metal, rubber, and cables that can often be repaired or repurposed, reducing the need for new manufacturing. Instead of letting your old bikes rust away in a landfill, choose bicycle recycling to:

  • Reduce Waste: Recycling old bicycles helps reduce the burden on landfills, conserving precious space for non-recyclable waste.
  • Preserve Resources: Recycling bicycles saves valuable natural resources and raw materials used in manufacturing, making it a sustainable choice.
  • Cut Energy Consumption: Repurposing materials from old bikes consumes less energy compared to producing new ones from raw materials.

Join us in contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable Port St Lucie, FL, by choosing bicycle recycling with St Lucie Junk Removal. Contact us today to schedule your bicycle removal and recycling appointment.

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Our Bicycle Disposal and Recycling Process


Schedule Your Appointment: Contact us via phone or our online booking system to schedule your bicycle disposal or recycling appointment. We'll find a convenient time that fits your schedule.


Efficient Bicycle Removal: On the scheduled day, our experienced team will arrive at your location, ready to take care of the entire process. You don't have to lift a finger; we handle everything.


Eco-Friendly Bicycle Recycling: After removing your bicycles, we ensure they are disposed of or recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. Our commitment to sustainability means we prioritize recycling and repurposing materials whenever possible.

Accepted Bicycle Types

At St Lucie Junk Removal, we are committed to responsible bicycle recycling in Port St Lucie, FL. We accept a wide range of bicycle types, making it easy for you to dispose of your old or unwanted bikes while minimizing their impact on the environment.

Our bicycle recycling program welcomes various bicycle types, including:

  • Road Bikes: Whether you have a classic road bike or a high-performance racing model, we'll gladly take it off your hands.
  • Mountain Bikes: Old mountain bikes, even those with worn-out treads and gears, can find a new purpose through our recycling process.
  • Stationary & Exercise Bikes: If you've upgraded to a new exercise bike or no longer use your stationary bike, we can ensure it's properly recycled or repurposed.
  • Plastic Or Metal Bicycle Frames: Don't let the frame of your bicycle go to waste. We accept frames made of various materials, ensuring they are recycled efficiently.
  • Children's Bikes: Kids' bikes outgrown by your children can be recycled with us, contributing to a more sustainable future.

No matter the type or condition of your bicycles, our dedicated team is here to help you responsibly recycle them. By choosing St Lucie Junk Removal for bicycle recycling, you're not only freeing up space but also making an eco-conscious choice.

If you're ready to part with your old bicycles, contact us today to schedule a pickup or learn more about our bicycle recycling services in Port St Lucie, FL. We are also serving most of the surrounding cities including Fort Pierce and Vero Beach. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment while clearing clutter from your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of bicycles do you accept for recycling?

We accept a wide range of bicycle types for recycling, including road bikes, mountain bikes, stationary and exercise bikes, plastic or metal bicycle frames, and children's bikes. No matter the type or condition of your bicycles, our recycling program is designed to accommodate various bike varieties.

Do I need to prepare my bicycles for recycling?

While you don't need to disassemble your bicycles, we recommend removing any personal belongings or accessories, such as water bottles, locks, or lights, before our team arrives for pickup. This helps streamline the recycling process and ensures we can efficiently recycle the bikes.

What happens to my bicycles after they are recycled?

When you recycle your bicycles with St Lucie Junk Removal, we ensure they are processed responsibly. Depending on their condition, bicycles may be refurbished and donated to charitable organizations or dismantled for parts and materials recycling. By choosing our bicycle recycling services, you're contributing to a more sustainable future and minimizing waste.

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